October 29


I am going to tell you how to host a  Halloween PATRY!!!!!

1 DECORATIONS:   bannersrs  fake skeletons fake ghosts fake blood fake spiders and webs.

2 FOOD.creepy stuff ok!!!!!!!!!!

3 ENTERTAINMENT    bobbing for apples, costume contest, pin your tail to the  haunted house!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                              _may

October 25

All about AERIAL

AII ABOUT AERIAL . It is a good sport .You get to hang from silks .1 DIFFERENT  THINGS YOU DO ON SILKS .      Climbing,      the 8 lock,     splits and split role ups .and many more. 2 DIFFERENT THINGS YOU DO ON THE PULL-UP BAR .  Pull-ups,  leg lifts,  shoulder  shrugs and more .3 DIFFERENT THINGS YOU DO ON THE LYRA , the man on the moon and more.

October 25

All About Me

Hi, my name is Lemay. I am almost one hundred percent French! I live with my
mom and dad and my two brothers.  My favorite animal is a tea cup  pig . I like to write adventure books and books like you are reading someone’s diary. I am writing a book called Jane Rufus. I also love, love, love art. It is so fun. I love drawing older girls that are in 7 th , 6 th , or 4 th or 8 th and 5 th . I also like drawing pets. Some of my friends are Piper, Sophie, Lily, Kaelyn, Vera, Max, Javey, Katherine, Kaida, Annika, Callan Cory, Estella, Elena, Ellie, Landin, Kate. I also play soccer. My favorite food is pizza.  I also love,  love, love, love aerial and dance and photography.