October 25

All About Me

Hi, my name is Lemay. I am almost one hundred percent French! I live with my
mom and dad and my two brothers.  My favorite animal is a tea cup  pig . I like to write adventure books and books like you are reading someone’s diary. I am writing a book called Jane Rufus. I also love, love, love art. It is so fun. I love drawing older girls that are in 7 th , 6 th , or 4 th or 8 th and 5 th . I also like drawing pets. Some of my friends are Piper, Sophie, Lily, Kaelyn, Vera, Max, Javey, Katherine, Kaida, Annika, Callan Cory, Estella, Elena, Ellie, Landin, Kate. I also play soccer. My favorite food is pizza.  I also love,  love, love, love aerial and dance and photography.


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8 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Mom

    You are one special girl, May Mitchell! You have a very curious mind and we cannot wait to see how you grow this year!
    Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Gigi and Pepere

    Pep and I love everything about you. Your kind generous heart and creative mind. We love your art work and are thrilled that you always share it with your family. We were all Blessed the day you came into our lives. You have so much to look forward to and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. ♥️

  3. Grammy

    Look at you, MayMay, having your own Blog! When I was in the 3rd grade, the word “Blog” didn’t exist, computers didn’t exist and cell phones didn’t exist. That’s probably pretty hard for you to imagine.
    I do remember 3rd grade very well because it was my favorite grade in elementary school. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Grodon and she was so nice. She made learning multiplication tables fun and made sure we all knew them. The fun part of 3rd grade for me was our Spring Wildflower Contest. My Mom and I would go out after supper and search for wildflowers. I’d bring them to class the next morning and the whole class would learn about everyone’s wildflowers. I think that contest gave me my love of flowers. And you know what? I won the wildflower contest!! Guess what my prize was? A big box of Crayola crayons!!
    Maybe learning how to build your Blog will be your best memory of 3rd grade. Keep up the good work, May Mitchell😘


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