December 20

the lonley elephante 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘 part 2!!!

the elephante  saw a shell and thought it was a real thing and that it was alive.  He tried everything to get it to talk. hi! hi! he kept saying. hello?????? he  thought that maybe it was having a bad day. so the elephante tried saying  are you ok???? if no one wants to play with you I will! but it was no use the sea shell wouldn’t  talk.

find out more in part 3!!!!!!!

December 17

The lonely elephante 1

One upon a time not so long ago there lived a lonely elephante  in Mexico  city circus . He lived a good life there but there was one thing he didn’t have,  friends. So one day well the circus train was running the elephante looked into the train car  next to him the elephante was looking in the gift shop cart

find out more in part 2


December 10


Cori is such a good frend . I always look up to her .

CORI .           ( this is a poem about her)


nice  sweet

nice  sweet  fun

nice  sweet  fun visco


December 10

Interviewing elf on the shelf

HI guys ! Today i am going to interview the one and only elf on the shelf !!!!!!!!!Hi  molly and band . HI HI!!!!!!!!!so who do you watch around Christmas????? i watch Ellie she is on the nice list!!!Band says. I watch will . Molly says. he is on  the bad list!!! so…………………………………………..MOLLY! BAND WHERE ARE YOU!!!!! i guess you never know with elves. they are always disappearing. well BYE!!!!!!!!!