January 16


i studied pigs

fact 1 pigs get sun burn

fact 2 their hairs are used for tooth brushes

fact   3 pigs need sun skreen

Did you like my facts?!

coment doun biow


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4 thoughts on “pigs

  1. Mom

    I still cannot believe that pig hair is used to make toothbrushes! That just seems plan weird to me. It’s also quite surprising that pigs can get sunburns! Wow! Maybe a little piglet should replace the Coppertone baby on the lotion bottle? XO

  2. Grammy

    I love your study and poster about pigs! Did you know that pigs have very poor eye sight? To make up for that, they have a great sense of smell and use smell to search for food. They are very smart, some say even smarter than dogs. I’m really trying to like pigs but I’ve decided I like pigs in the form of BACON the best. Oink oink……


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