March 27


I am grateful for my family and my house and my friends and being able to go to the beach to get this rock. My rock is white with gray stripes it is also is shaped like a triangle. It feels smooth when I touch it.


March 24


This is what makes me happy.

1. Shirley Temples

2. Root Beer

3. Riding Bikes

4. Getting my hair cut

5. Playing games like Twister

This is what makes others happy (and me)

1. Hugs

2. Drawing

3. Sunsets

4. Roblox

5. Sports

March 23


My favorite thing about Fall is that Football and Soccer and Basketball start up again.  You can play soccer in the Summer but I like to play it in Fall.   Before each soccer or basketball game I play I tell myself “You got this!!!”


March 20


My Leprechaun trap was a big decorated box with a little hole in it that only the Leprechaun could fit in. The box was so deep that once he got in he would not be able to get out!!! “Hope I catch him” I said. I did not catch him but he left me a bunch of Lindor Chocolates .

March 19

April Fools

On April Fools day I am going to get Oreos and replace the filling with mint tooth paste.  Since my brother loves Oreos and doesn’t like mint he will take a bite and scream!!! “HELP!!! THIS IS SO MINTY!!!” Then I will yell, “APRIL FOOLS!!!”