April 24


Three things I think are important about Aesop are: he is smart, he tells good stories, and he was put in a book.

Two things I think are important about fables are: they teach you life lessons, and they have good morals.

One thing I still wonder about Aesop is: how old did he live to? Also, how did everyone understand his stories?


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1 thoughts on “3-2-1

  1. Mrs. Eaves

    Hi May,
    Your questions made me think. I don’t know if anyone knows how long he lived. They did not keep track of when he was born and I don’t know how long people usually lived back then. We could check it out and make a close guess. I wonder if they understood his stories, because they were full of life-lessons and made you think.
    👊🏻Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.
    Mrs. Eaves


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