April 30

Upgrade the talent ( By my bro. It is fake. Part One)

One day on April 15 I ( My brother) Was walking to Knowles Field. He was going to try out for the Sting team!!! “When I grow up want to play for Manchester City.” said my brother. P.S. It is I the Premier league. ¬†“My favorite people are Pala Dybla, Leo Messi, Christian Pulisic and Abraham.” My brother said. “For try outs I got the team!!” my brother told me. “Our team was voting for if we should be Manchester City or Chelsea!!” My bro said. The best striker from¬†Manchester City or Chelsea would come teach us soccer if we pick their team. We all picked Chelsea. Even though we liked Manchester City. Chelsea had a better striker so I had to pick them. Abraham was going to come all the way from Chelsea to come teach us soccer!!!


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