May 20

How to earn money fast in Adopt Me.

1 Get a cash register.   It is in the pizza section.  This way people can pay you.

2 Get a lemonade stand. ( It costs 30 robucks)  Say who ever buys the most gets a prize who ever does give them the prize.

3 Do the same thing as number 2 just use a hot dog stand ( I think it costs 50 robucks)

4 Buy a money tree.  They cost 1800 bucks but every day you get 100 dollars free!

5 Get lots of water from the supermarket. They are so cheep they cost 1 dollar

6 At the pet shop there is free food,  water and a bed for pets.



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2 thoughts on “How to earn money fast in Adopt Me.

  1. Mrs. Eaves

    Hi May,
    Are your playing more Roblox than ever? Who do you play with when you play. How many of your friends play with you when you do>
    I can tell you like thinking of strategies to share with others.
    Mrs. Eaves


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