May 21

houses in Bloxburg

Bloxburg houses are a big thing.  Here are some tips to make a cool house.

1. Pick 2 or 3 colors.  Make your house only those colors.

2 Use a style. here are some : crazy, modern, weird furniture, old.  try not to make your house more then 1 style.

3 Think about it. are any of your friends going to live in your house?  How are you going to spend money with out runing out?

4 Start with the cheep stuff .The cheep stuff you wont need that much delete the cheep stuff if you do not have enough for stuff you need

5 Watch videos they can teach you a lot about building a house.


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2 thoughts on “houses in Bloxburg

  1. veraslearning

    Nice job may i have a question do love the game or do you like it and in Bloxburg do you have a big house?????


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