May 13

The stolen book

Hi, I am Banana. I am a girl. I solve mysteries with my dog, Apple.

I went to the library one morning and grabbed my fave book when I heard a scream. It was coming from the story book room.  It was Miss Amy, the book reader.  “Help! Help! The book for story time has been stolen!” she yelled.

I ran to Miss Amy and started asking questions like, how long was the book there? How big was it and what does the cover look like?  “The book was here a minute ago and then it disappeared!”,  I heard Miss Amy say.

“Where was it when it got stolen?” I asked.

“It was right where you check out the books.”, said Miss Amy while wiping tears.

“Do you have any idea who stole it?” I asked.

“Hmmm, I’m not sure, Banana. It could have been Chris Van Dusen, May or her grandmother who left for the park right before I saw it was stolen”, she replied.

Apple smelled something.  “What is it boy?” I asked.  My dog is very strong and big. He can drag me but he never does that.  Apple must have smelled something because he started running as fast as he could.

“STOP BOY, STOP!!!”, I yelled. It was very hot outside so the library door was open.  Apple dragged me right out of the library.  I ran as fast as I could so not to fall down.

“STOP! WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS!” I yelled at Apple.  Then I saw some prints on the ground. They looked liked coffee prints, almost like stains.  My dog was following them.  We went through the library, down the street, and into the park.  He stopped in front of my friend, Catherine.  I noticed she was reading books so I questioned her.  And then, I saw the missing book in her book bag!  She was the thief!  I did not say that I knew because I thought she might deny it.  So, I asked her what she had done in town today.

“First, I went to the library to get some books. Next, I went to Boynton & McKay to get coffee and went to the park to drink and read.  But, my coffee spilled on the way.”, Catherine said.

“That’s why my dog dragged me here! He smelled coffee!” I exclaimed!  “So you stole the story time book!” I said.

“I did?!” Catherine stammered.

“That book right there! Yes!”, I said.

“No I did not! I saw it on the counter and asked if I could check it out.  They said yes, so I did.” replied Catherine.

It turns out Catherine did NOT steal the book. It was just a mistake.  So, I brought the book back to Miss Amy and she read it for story time.



That is banana

This is her dog


















May 12


Do you like food?Yes

do you like drinks?Yes

do you like tape? Yes

do you like games? Yes

do you like mice ?Yes

do you like rice? Yes

do you like life? YES!!!!!!!

do you like younger brothers? Kind of

May 7

  • You win a cooking contest for your famous recipe for  a very good sandwich
  • You discover your parents are spies and I would help them solve things
  • You bring your take out meal home, but it falls on the ground 
  • You find $1,000 on the ground and you ask if it is someone’s. if they all say no, you spend it.
May 6

North Hampton Parade

We went to the corner at the end of our street, put a sign on our car, and waved to teachers that I have now (Mrs Eaves & Mrs. Douglas!!! Plus Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Yeaton and more).  I also saw some teachers I had over the years like Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Ibey, Mrs. Nolan, Mrs. Lawlor, and Mrs Spalding.  I had lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Eaves, I really liked your sign that said “3E ROCKS!”

Mrs. Douglas, I really liked the bear coming out of your roof.  Very unique!

I had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 1

Albert the pen

i think that you guys should finish the story for me.   Write in the comments what you think the Queen should say to Albert???  Say in the comments, and I will post the one I think is the best on my blog!!!