June 5

UTAH–One more thing to check out!!!

My cousin, Liz, 👩🏻‍🎤 has a house in Utah.  That’s why I’m going there next summer.  We are having a family reunion in Utah!  She is hosting.  I asked Liz some questions about why she decided to have a house there 🏠.  She lives in Los Angeles most of the time.  She loves Utah for the skiing in the winter ⛷, and likes to go boating on Deer Creek in the summer 🚤.  She also told me that Salt Lake City has the same population as the entire state of New Hampshire!!!

Check this out!  The Olympics were hosted in Utah in 2002.  Now, the parks are used for fun!  Here are some aerialists and skiers on skis going off ramps doing flips into pools!  I hope you like it!


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2 thoughts on “UTAH–One more thing to check out!!!

  1. Mrs. Eaves

    Hi May,
    That is really incredible. What an amazing thing to do and see. I wonder how fast they are going. I wonder what their suit are actually made of and how they have adapted their skis for water. How do they get out? Those are the things I would what to learn when I went to one of the shows. I hope you get to go next summer. Then you can tell us all about it!

    Thanks for sharing one more thing about Utah! It is cool!
    Mrs. Eaves


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