Winter House

My favorite character is Gracella but I decided to make a sculpture of Norbridge.  Gracella is 1. evil 2. magic 3. creepy.  I know she is evil because she hurts Norbridge. I know she is magic because she did tricks.   I know she is creepy because she just is that way.  I find her to look creepy so I made a sculpture of Norbridge.   Norbridge is 1 nice 2 magic  3 NOT a creepy.  I know he is nice because he gave people things. I know he is magic because he did tricks.  I know he is NOT a creepy because he is not like Gracella.

weather and climate

I am going to tell you the difference between weather and climates.

Climate is the overall temperature at a specific location. It is normally hot near the equator and cold near the poles.

Weather is what is going on outside.  Thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes, hail, blizzards, the sun and rain are all types of weather.


I am grateful for my family and my house and my friends and being able to go to the beach to get this rock. My rock is white with gray stripes it is also is shaped like a triangle. It feels smooth when I touch it.