May 27


DaPandaGirl is a youtube channel its so good.

My fave videos she does are build offs.

Were she gets some of her fans on twitter and builds against them.

All the build offs are in bloxburg though so if you like bloxburg she is your youtube channel.

I watch her a lot i get tips on how to decorate my house in bloxburg.

May 26

guess what!

I have 7012 dollars in adopt me do you know what that means?

It means i only need 1000 more dollars then i will buy luxury Apartments!

i am very excited to get one. there are lots of rooms

here is how i am going to design each floor:

one floor will be the lobby and check in

one will be a pool and work out room

one will be a daycare

one will be all the rooms people sleep in

one will be one that i can only go in its my special floor.

May 21

houses in Bloxburg

Bloxburg houses are a big thing.  Here are some tips to make a cool house.

1. Pick 2 or 3 colors.  Make your house only those colors.

2 Use a style. here are some : crazy, modern, weird furniture, old.  try not to make your house more then 1 style.

3 Think about it. are any of your friends going to live in your house?  How are you going to spend money with out runing out?

4 Start with the cheep stuff .The cheep stuff you wont need that much delete the cheep stuff if you do not have enough for stuff you need

5 Watch videos they can teach you a lot about building a house.

May 20

How to earn money fast in Adopt Me.

1 Get a cash register.   It is in the pizza section.  This way people can pay you.

2 Get a lemonade stand. ( It costs 30 robucks)  Say who ever buys the most gets a prize who ever does give them the prize.

3 Do the same thing as number 2 just use a hot dog stand ( I think it costs 50 robucks)

4 Buy a money tree.  They cost 1800 bucks but every day you get 100 dollars free!

5 Get lots of water from the supermarket. They are so cheep they cost 1 dollar

6 At the pet shop there is free food,  water and a bed for pets.


May 19


Bloxburg is a game in roblox where you get to build your own house, work and earn money.  Bloxburg cost 25 robucks though so if you want it you will need robux.  You can have different floors to your house. I have two floors in my house.  Each floor costs 300 robucks.  A basement costs 300 robucks, too.  You can also buy money in the game with robucks.  I think Bloxburg is the best game on roblox. They have restaurants in the game, too.

May 18

Would you rather

  • Would you rather be a detective or a pilot?  detective
  • Would you rather go skiing or go to a water park?water park
  • Would you rather fly a kite or swing on a swing? swing
  • Would you rather dance or sing?dance
  • Would you rather  hide and seek or freeze tag?hide and seek
May 14

Roblox CODES

codes in roblox can get you free things. here are some for adopt me.  You have to go to the twitter sign and follow @PlayAdoptMe on twitter to type codes though. LOVE IT??? PUT A THUMBS UP EMOJI IN THE COMMENTS.  AND SAY FROST IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU WANT MORE POSTS LIKE THIS

May 13

Can you find it?

Can you find the I









Can you find the 6









Can. you find the M