May 26

guess what!

I have 7012 dollars in adopt me do you know what that means?

It means i only need 1000 more dollars then i will buy luxury Apartments!

i am very excited to get one. there are lots of rooms

here is how i am going to design each floor:

one floor will be the lobby and check in

one will be a pool and work out room

one will be a daycare

one will be all the rooms people sleep in

one will be one that i can only go in its my special floor.


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6 thoughts on “guess what!

  1. Mrs. Eaves

    Hi May,
    I can tell you’ve been spending a lot of time play Roblox and that you’ve set a goal for yourself too. I like you design and think is it perfect that you will get the penthouse all to yourself!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and creative ideas.
    💕Mrs. Eaves

  2. sophieslearning

    Very cool May! I play Roblox too! It is clear you like Adopt Me very much. I like the workout room idea. It is very creative that you can do that while you are keeping in touch with all your friends!

    Great job and hope to see you soon!


  3. Edward

    I play Roblox every once in a while but I like Mad City and Jail Break the most my username is blahblahbigboy36.


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