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UTAH “There’s no where on earth quite like it.”

Hi! I am going to teach you ALL about the amazing, 🆒, wonderful, colossal, and unique…UTAH‼️ Just wait until you see the landscape‼️

Utah is known for its HUMUNGOUS Great Salt Lake and amazing national parks.

Utah is a state out west and has five states that border it!  Colorado is to the East, Idaho and Wyoming to the North, Arizona is South, and Nevada is West.  Of the 50 U.S. States, Utah is the 13th-largest by area.  Utah became the 45th State in 1896.  Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah.   


Arches National Park is on top of the Colorado River ♒️.   Arches National Park has over 76,000 arches.  About 10,000,000 people visit Arches National Park a year!🙀 Arches National Park became a national park in 1926.  That is over 90 years ago!  I think Arches National Park is a great place to go if you want to see beautiful orange 🧡, red❤️, brown🥔, and yellow💛 arches and a great place to camp and play in the sun.



 The park is approximately 60 miles (wow!) 😮  and was established in 1971.  In 2018 Capitol Reef National Park got 1,227,627  visitors!!! (WOW) 😮😲😯 I think that’s cool because Capitol Reef National Park is the least famous national park in Utah.  If you want to go to Capitol Reef National Park in Utah, you’ll have fun looking at the big orange 🧡 rocky mountains⛰ .             


Zion National Park is the most beautiful national park ( I think 👱🏻‍♀️💭).  Something that stands out to me is Zion Canyon which is 15 miles long ➡️ and up to 2,640 feet deep ⬇️.  Zion is home to 291 species of birds 🦅🐤🐦🦉🦇, including Utah’s state bird: The California Gull.  Boating in the Virgin River is something maybe you would want to do if you go to Utah’s Zion National Park. Mid April through the end of May is a good time to go boating in the Virgin River 💦.   But, don’t jump in!  There’s NO ❌🚫🛑 swimming.  I think Zion National Park is a great place too go to boating, mountain biking 🚲, horseback riding, camping, or just spending time with your family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦.                       


Canyonlands National Park is about 527 square miles! 😱 🙀Camping, hiking 🧗‍♀️and rafting🚣🏻‍♀️ are some popular outdoor activities people like to do in Canyonlands National Park.  At Canyonlands National Park there’s more then 70 miles of hiking! If you go to Canyonlands National Park try to go in Spring🌼 or Fall 🍂.  I think if you go to Canyonlands National Park once you will want to again and again and again.         


In Salt Lake City, the summers are hot, mostly clear and the winters are very cold.  Salt Lake City got it’s name from Great Salt Lake.  Part of the Great Salt Lake is PINK🐖🌷🌺🎂!!!  It’s about 75 miles long➡️ and 35 miles wide ↖️↗️!  You know what? Its ten times saltier than the ocean🌊🏝!!!!  The animals at the Great Salt Lake make it pink!!! Some of the animals are: brine shrimp 🦐 , algae, and brine fly larvae.  I think Great Salt Lake is the place to be.


In Northern Utah, there are big fields of nothing but salt.  Here they race the fastest cars in the world!  One car, called the “Tubinator II” went 503 miles per hour!!! 



This is who I picked as the hero of the state 🏆🥇🎖.  He is a famous person from Utah.  Brigham Young was the first governor of the Utah and he also founded Salt Lake City!  Brigham Young was a Mormon, which is a religious group that was founded Utah.  There is even a University named after him!  He led the Mormons out of Virginia and they tried to go back to their homeland but ended up in Utah.  Brigham Young really made Utah a state, because before that it was a territory.


I think the beehive is the best state symbol for Utah, because it is known as “The Beehive State”.   The beehive is also on Utah’s flag 🏳️🏴🏁🚩.  The beehive is a symbol of hard work, because bees work hard!  The people of Utah wanted the symbol to represent them, because they are hard workers.                                                         

Other Utah symbols:

State Flower: Sego Lily

State Fruit: Cherry 🍒

State Folk Dance: Square Dance

State Holiday: Pioneer Day

State Vegetable: Spanish Sweet Onion

State Gem: Topaz 💎

State Bird: California Gull




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5 thoughts on “UTAH “There’s no where on earth quite like it.”

  1. Mrs. Eaves

    Wow May! I loved reading your post about Utah. It is full of your voice. I felt as if I could hear you talking to me as I read it. You choice each wonder so we could fully appreciate the beauty of the landscape – thank you for sharing all of the National Parks. They are each so gorgeous and unique. Sharing the Turbinator really brings racing on the salt flats meaning. It is a totally different kind of racing than we usually see.

    You complete each part of the assignment with care. Thanks for the addition of your original art. I hope you got to the National Parks on your trip next year!
    Thanks for sharing your time and effort in his informative and fun post!
    🏜🏔⛺️☀️😎Mrs. Eaves

  2. mayslearning (Post author)

    Thank you! 😄 Do you like my background? I think its like me holding a note book at Utah taking notes.


  3. Mom

    You worked very hard on this project, May, and it shows! Reading through this has made me very excited to visit Utah next summer. Just think about the awe of seeing these sights with your own eyes. I cannot wait!
    I love you!



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